[DevilsFilm] Vanessa Sky, Athena Anderson (My Husband Brought Home His Mistress #17 – Athena Anderson, Vanessa Sky & Donny Sins / 02.09.2023)

Athena Anderson is reading on the couch when her husband Donny Sins walks through the front door with his mistress, Vanessa Sky. Donny and Vanessa flirt with each other as they walk further into the room, describing all the dirty things they want to do with each other without even noticing that Athena is RIGHT THERE.

Vanessa and Donny start making out as Athena watches candidly from the couch until Vanessa spots Athena and she sheepishly motions for Donny to hold up. Donny is taken aback- sorry honey! Didn’t see you there!

It’s soon revealed that Donny has actually already told Athena about his mistress, mostly because Vanessa wanted everything out in the open. As much as Athena is bitter about her husband’s infidelity, she’s moved that Vanessa would want to be truthful about it. Athena offers for both of them to have sex on the couch right next to her so that she can watch. Donny and Vanessa agree, but as soon as they get down to it, a lustful sparkle appears in Athena’s eye. She begins touching herself, considering the idea that maybe… she could also join in for a threesome?