[FamilySwap] Aria Valencia, Lauren Phillips (Dont Let Swapsis Feel Left Out – S6:E7 / 02.13.2023)

What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Lauren Phillips and Will Pounder are sitting with swap son Lucky Fae. Lauren jiggles her boobs for Lucky’s pleasure while Will encourages Lucky to squeeze them. When swap daughter Aria Valencia walks in, the other three swear nothing is going on.

Later, Lucky is sucking Lauren’s big boobies while Will watches and masturbates. Aria begins looking for the rest of her swap family and walks in on the sight of the three of them getting hotter and more intimate by the moment. When Lucky begins to finger Lauren’s clit, Aria realizes she’s getting pretty hot, too. She keeps on watching as Lucky gets on the bed and Lauren begins sucking his dick. Finally, Aria can’t take it any more. She walks in and pulls Will to his feet so she can suck her swap daddy off while swap mommy takes care of Lucky.

Now it’s a full on swap family fuck instead just a threesome! Swap sis gets her pussy pounded by Will while Lauren rides Lucky’s dick with her hairy snatch. Switching partners, Lauren lays on her side and then rolls to her belly for Will to do her as Aria takes her own ride on Lucky’s stiffie. Aria enjoys a doggy style pussy pounding from Will as Lucky makes himself at home between Lauren’s thighs. With encouragement from the girls, Will blows his load in Aria’s cooch while Lucky gives his swap mama the same treatment. The girls share their cum prizes, enjoying the flavors of both men in the swap family.