[Girlsway] Scarlett Sage, Madison Morgan (Love At First Aid / 03.05.2023)

Scarlett Sage is a little dazed as she stands in her driveway, having just had a little fender bender with her garage. Her neighbor, Madison Morgan, who happens to be an EMT, sees this and offers to give her a lookover out of concern. Scarlett gratefully accepts the offer and leads Madison inside her house.

As they settle in and Madison begins carefully examining Scarlett, they chat and there are hints of mutual attraction. In fact, Madison offers to stay the night to keep an eye on her and Scarlett, feeling a little flustered, easily agrees. Madison then continues her examination of Scarlett’s form, and sparks continue to fly between them… especially when Madison reveals having a secret crush on Scarlett.

With the examination over and Scarlett in good health, Madison offers to get Scarlett something cool for her flushed forehead. But Scarlett is too hot all over and wants to take care of THAT in a much more FUN way!