[Girlsway] Serene Siren, Spencer Bradley, Cassie Del Isla (Doubles Tennis / 03.02.2023)

Cassie Del Isla and Serene Siren have decided to schedule a tennis lesson with their new instructor, Spencer Bradley. They’re SUPER excited to get those rackets in their hands and take the tennis world by storm!

But when Spencer arrives for their lesson, Cassie and Serene are INSTANTLY attracted to her. They ask Spencer to make herself at home as they huddle in the corner and bicker over which one of them should have dibs on the hot, new instructor. Unable to come to any sort of agreement, they decide to compete for Spencer’s affection and let her choose for herself. Let the best woman win!

Cassie and Serene each start hitting on Spencer, who barely has a second to get her bearings before she ultimately ends up in a literal tug-of-war between her two clients. Now THAT’S not very sportsmanlike, is it? But to their surprise, Spencer is actually flattered by their interest in her. So flattered, in fact, that she offers to coach them in a little ‘warm-up round’ before their lesson even begins. Doubles tennis, you say? These ladies seem more inclined for a round of ‘threesomes’ tennis by the look of things!