[InnocentHigh] Chloe Rose (We’ve Got Chemistry / 03.10.2023)

Chloe and Rion prep for the upcoming chemistry competition with the help of Mr. White – no, not that one. Rion is frustrated because Chloe is underqualified with her lacking scientific knowledge, but Chloe is only doing the competition so that Rion will notice her. The trio decides to take a power nap, but while Mr. White sleeps, Chloe and Rion experience an entirely different type of chemistry. Chloe tries to play coy, but she is beyond excited for Rion to whip out his cock. The blonde teen says she’s just giving him a handjob, but she doesn’t wait long to start giving him a blowjob. To really spice things up, Rion and Chloe fuck right by the teacher’s desk at the risk of being caught!








Actors: Chloe Rose