[JapanHDV] Luke Ichinose (Office girl Luke Ichinose shows the whole office how much she likes to fuck / 03.04.2023)

I want to work in this office. I want to work there no matter what the pay or position. This is the greatest office environment ever. This office had the foresight to hire a new secretary named Luke Ichinoise. I doubt very seriously that they even gave her a typing test or even checked her refrrences. I imagine her interview was her walking in and just dropping to her knees as she unbuttons her blouse and unzipping the pants of the man who was doing the interview. I think that man, that genius of a man knew that this girl was going to make her officemates happy and she would keep them motivated to come to work each day. Wouldn’t you be early for work each day if you thought there was a possibility that Luke would lean over and unzip your fly and pop your cock out as she lets you look down her blouse at her big fat tits? So today Luke continues her adventure today by coming into the room where the whole staff is assembled so she can tease them with her sexy body. She strips down to her lingerie and shows off her big juicy ass and unsnaps her bra so her tits can pop out and all the men can get hard and take their minds office their boring office tasks. This is a great day for the staff as several of these lucky fellas are going to be getting their dicks wet in her hot wet pussy hole. What a sweet pussy she has and she spreads it wide for them to take turns playing with! Go see the whole fuck show of Miss Luke Ichinose.








Actors: Luke Ichinose

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