[JapanHDV] Maki Koizumi (Maki Koizumi back in the hot springs and we enjoy her naked body / 02.22.2023)

The lovely Maki Koizumi is back at the hot springs. This is the ultimate turn on for her. She is sexy and hot and she is naked in a setting with lots of water to bathe in. The first part of the trip to the hot springs was here. She looked amazing as she had her clothes taken off her and got in the hot water. But now that we have seen how sexy hot she is and how great her body is it is time to explore that body and really get into it. That means we are going to strip her of her yakata, take off all her clothes and enjoy those tits of hers. We are going to get her to show us her titty fucking skills. She has some of the greatest tits you will ever see on a Japanese model. She uses them so well too as she slides a hard cock between them to get her lover off. We start off today with her mouth open and ours on hers kissing her deeply. Our hands wander down to her tits and we bring them out from the yakata and bounce them some. They are huge and feel perfect in our hands! We play with her nipples and get her horny. She is so perfect all we can think of now is her hot pussy. We go down and lift that yakata and spread her legs and there is the most lovely smell coming out of her hot hole. She has shaved her pussy and just left some hair up top. We slide a tongue into her pussy and it tastes as good as it smells! Go see what we do next to her lovely pussy!








Actors: Maki Koizumi