[JapanHDV] Misato Shiraishi (Misato Shiraishi gets her two men to pleasure her with their tongues / 03.20.2023)

We continue our story of the older mature babe Ms Misato Shiraishi. We started the the story the other day as Misato had several men over to pleasure her sexually. She thought that they did a nice job but that they also needed some encouragement for their performance. These two men had done a good job pleasuring her and getting her off but now they wanted something. It is not her habit to let her sl4av3s demand anything from her but these two men had a look of hunger in their eyes. They were begging her to please allow them to slide between her legs and spread her pussy open. They wanted to lick and suck on her pussy. This seemed like an honest request and they both had done such a nice job and really deserved a little reward for their efforts. She agreed to their request and she slapped them a few times and told one of them to lick her nipples and the other to get down on his knees between her legs. They both started to lick and nibble at her and now she was getting wet and horny herself. She enjoyed their tongues all over her and she was now hungry as well. She asked one to stand up and show her if his cock was erect. It was hard so she decided that she wanted it in her mouth. So, she licked him a bit and then decided that since there were two men there she would like to suck them both off at the same time. From there she had them perform for her sexually to get them all off as a reward. Go see what they ended up doing!








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