[JapanHDV] Yume Mizuki (Yume Mizuki is at a hostess club with a couple of men for the evening / 03.16.2023)

Hostess girl Miss Yume Mizuki is now working in a new smaller place that caters to men looking to escape their lives for an evening and spend the time with a lovely lady chatting and getting to know each other. Today a couple of clients are visiting her new place and they are very happy with how she attends to them and even goes as far as feeding them some snacks while they chat the evening way. These gentlemen are very horny for her as she is wearing a low cut top that really shows off her big juicy tits. This young lady is very smart and a good hostess as she wears the sexiest clothes to get her gentlemen callers to come back time and time again to see her. What these men do not know yet is that in this new club she is working in, there is a secret menu. So although they sit and chat and imbibe and eat all evening it isn’t until one of them just falls over exhausted that she tells the other about the secret menu. On this menu there are items that can not be written down. So, what happens next is that she lets him know in his ear what is on the secret menu, and it is mostly her and her pussy. He decides to go for it and starts to kiss her mouth deeply while his cock gets hard and then he starts to grope her tits. He pulls them out and plays with them some but now he wants that pussy she is hiding under her dress. Go see what he does next with the lovely Yume!.








Actors: Yume Mizuki