[JimSlip] Epiphany Jones (Long gloves & seamed stockings / 03.10.2023)

Know this! There is nothing sexier than a beautiful girl in a black cocktail dress, with bright red lipstick, seamed stockings, sexy lingerie & high heels. My brethren, truly I say unto you, drop to your knees & thank God for women! You will marvel at the sheer beauty of Epiphany in this scene. In this weeks update we hark back to a time when women dressed to kill! A time before boiler suits, greased back hair & thick glasses were the normal attire of girls about town. A time long forgotten, but probably not by the higher echelons of society who still value the old traditions. Yes, you will be reaching for your handkerchief to mop the drool from your mouthes when you savour this masterpiece!








Actors: Epiphany Jones