[Milfty] Sarah Taylor (Just So Drawn to You / 03.09.2023)

Sarah loves finding new hobbies, and recently, she’s taken up art classes. Her teacher wants her to work on her figure drawing-skills, so she gets help from her friend’s son, Diego. Sarah admires Diego’s studly body and can’t believe what a man he’s become. Diego is happy to help Sarah but is shocked when he discovers he’ll be modeling nude. As Sarah works on her drawing, she can feel her pussy getting wet, so she spreads her legs to show Diego she’s not wearing any panties. Diego gets a hard-on and apologizes, but Sarah jumps right into action. She sucks Diego’s cock before she lets him fuck her on the couch. With her husband being away constantly, Sarah’s been so lonely, and Diego’s cock was just what she needed.








Actors: Sarah Taylor