[MylfLabs] Syren De Mer (Concept: The Bull / 02.09.2023)

What’s up, Mylf lovers? It’s time for another Labs update, so let’s jump right in! We wanted to play with a bit of cuckoldry and dirty talk for this episode. Marcelo is a total dick to his wife, Syren, and his boss, Dan, is not having it. When Marcelo learns he will likely be fired, Syren tries to reason with Dan. But Syren is also tired of how Marcelo treats her, so a bit of rough sex with Dan sounds like fun. When Marcelo catches Dan and Syren fucking in Dan’s office, she rubs it in Marcelo’s face and makes sure he doesn’t miss a second of it. She pulls Marcelo’s face right up to her snatch to watch as Dan fucks her better than he ever could. Completely flabbergasted, Marcelo can’t help but feel turned on as his wife’s pussy gets pulverized.








Actors: Syren De Mer