[NewSensations] Kiki Vidis (Kiki’s Desires Get A Recharge / 02.28.2023)

When sexy redhead Milf Kiki was flattered by stranger Jay’s compliment, little did he know she was going to be sucking his cock in less than an hour! As Jay went back to mind his business, Kiki’s phone battery went out and she politely asked Jay if she could use his flat to recharge her battery. As they chatted on his bed, Kiki revealed that she was in a lonely, sexless marriage and when Jay said how pretty she was she is, Kiki was immediately turned on by feeling wanted and sexy again. Jay wasn’t sure if he should be kissing a married woman. But when she whipped out his hard cock and sucked it down, Jay was not turning back, taking full advantage of fucking her tight wet married hungry pussy deep and hard until coming on her pretty ass cheeks giving sexy Kiki the recharge her pretty little pussy needed! – INTERACTIVE TOY READY!








Actors: Kiki Vidis