[PureTaboo] Nicole Doshi (Enjoy Your Stay / 03.14.2023)

Beth (Nicole Doshi) and her husband Frank arrive at a ranch resort to celebrate their second anniversary. They have been working to move past a ‘rough patch’ in their relationship, so relaxing together at a beautiful resort sounds like just what they need. However, Beth and Frank become perplexed as they realize that there doesn’t seem to be anybody else at the resort, not even any staff. They agree to split up and search the area to see if they can find anyone. As Beth and Frank search outside, they don’t notice that someone seems to be watching them from the bushes…

A short time later, Beth and Frank reunite back at the main resort building, each reporting that they couldn’t find anybody. Despite Beth’s misgivings, Frank says they might as well stay for the night. They get settled in, but then they’re startled when they finally run into someone else. The man introduces himself as Tommy (Tommy Pistol), and introduces his wife Olivia as well. Tommy and Olivia say they were having car trouble and pushed the car here to get help, but couldn’t find anyone. Beth and Frank are relieved to meet another couple out here.

Frank agrees to help with fixing the car, and leaves with Olivia so she can show him where the car is. Tommy and Beth stay behind to rest and talk, but eventually wonder what’s taking Frank and Olivia so long. They leave to investigate. Tommy starts leading Beth to his car, but from a distance they can see signs that Frank and Olivia are having sex in it. Tommy and Beth are stunned, then Beth becomes hurt and angry. She storms back to the room.

Beth is inconsolable, as Tommy arrives to check on her. She confesses that the ‘rough patch’ in their relationship was because Frank cheated on her, but he swore he would never do it again. Clearly, that was a lie. Tommy looks sad and sympathetic, saying he wishes they had a way to make Olivia and Frank feel the way THEY feel right now. Beth starts to get an idea on how they can do that, but should they really be doing such a thing in this strange place? What’s REALLY going on around here?








Actors: Nicole Doshi