[PureTaboo] Sheena Ryder (Public Display Of Affliction / 02.21.2023)

A young man, Mark (Ricky Spanish) is surprised by a frantic knocking on his front door. He lets in his neighbor, Adriana (Sheena Ryder), who looks distraught and says she is seeking refuge from her wife, Charlene (Lily Lane). Adriana explains that she and Charlene had an intense argument over something that Charlene did. Mark asks what it was that Charlene did, but they are interrupted by Charlene banging on the front door.

It turns out that the wives’ argument was over Adriana accusing Charlene of being unfaithful. Charlene makes herself sound like a misunderstood victim, but Adriana tells Mark not to let her in. Adriana says that Charlene is just trying to deceive them and leads Mark deeper into the house, saying she’s getting Mark away from Charlene’s lies.

A moment later, Adriana and Mark arrive in a different part of the house, which has a large window. She praises Mark for helping her. Mark tries to act modest as he says he’s glad he could help, but it’s clear from the way he’s looking at Adriana that he likes receiving compliments from a beautiful woman. Adriana then laments about how much time she’s lost… time that she could have spent doing anything, and being with anyone. But instead, she made the wrong choice by devoting years to a deceptive person who betrayed her.

Suddenly, Charlene appears outside the window, banging on it and claiming that Adriana is being unreasonable. Adriana taunts her by talking about how Mark is a much better person than Charlene. Seeking revenge, Adriana seduces Mark while Charlene watches helplessly through the window. As Mark energetically fucks Adriana from behind, she presses her bare breasts against the window, giving Charlene a vengeful display that she’ll never forget.








Actors: Sheena Ryder