[TeenSneaks] Freya Parker (One Step-Sister / 03.13.2023)

Juan Loco and his girlfriend accidentally lost track of time, and now it’s night. As Juan sneaks out of his girlfriend’s room, he tells her that he loves her, and then tries to leave the house before his girlfriend’s parents can catch him. But one of the parents starts to approach, so Juan quickly ducks into another room – which turns out to be the bedroom of his girlfriend’s sibling, Freya Parker.

Freya demands to know who he is and what he’s doing here. Juan begs her to be quiet, claiming that he and her sibling are just study buddies, and they accidentally lost track of time. He just wants to leave without any trouble. Freya is skeptical of Juan just being a study buddy, but Juan claims that he doesn’t even have a girlfriend.

Getting an idea, Freya says if that’s the case, she’ll help him to sneak out IF he shows her a good time. Juan is surprised, but doesn’t want to get caught by Freya’s parents, so he agrees to kissing and then sex… hopefully WITHOUT getting busted by any parents!








Actors: Freya Parker