[PureTaboo] Katie Morgan, Demi Hawks (New Family Rule / 02.28.2023)

A pair of stepsiblings, Eddie (Jay Romero) and Sara (Demi Hawks), arrive home from school. It seems like just another regular day, but they are shocked when their stepfather and stepmother, Gordon (Tommy Pistol) and Alice (Katie Morgan), greet them completely nude. Alice and Gordon explain that they’ve decided to become nudists, and invite Eddie and Sara to join them. Eddie and Sara are horrified, and insist they would NEVER become nudists. Alice and Gordon say that’s fine, but THEY will still be nudists, so Eddie and Sara will have to get used to it.

Days later, Eddie and Sara are watching TV, and express their disbelief that their parents are still being nudists. Clearly, they can’t expect their parents to be reasonable ever again. The siblings vow to look out for each other, relieved that they each still have one person in the family who can be trusted.

One day, Eddie returns home from soccer practice, and is stunned to see that Gordon, Alice, and Sara are now ALL naked, and playing a game together. Eddie freaks out and runs to his room, curling up on the bed in disbelief… he and Sara were supposed to look out for each other! How can he keep it together if now Sara has been corrupted? Sara comes in and tries to persuade Eddie to join the others in this newfound pleasure, saying that it’s so wonderful to do EVERYTHING naked together as a family… including sex. Gordon and Alice come in, teaming up with Sara and telling Eddie to join them…